Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a STEM Program

by STEM Scouts

It’s no secret that after-school activities are good for children. Psychological research has found that after-school activities help produce happier, healthier, more productive adults and help to prevent youth from engaging in risky behavior. In addition to promoting fun, learning, friendship and teamwork, here are four reasons to enroll your child in a STEM program.

STEM teaches innovation

Creativity isn’t limited to the arts. STEM fields require creativity—be it designing a new mobile application, drawing plans for a new bridge, or solving the problems to go to Mars. Through STEM, students that are not traditionally creative (or those who are) can learn to channel their creativity.

Projects boost confidence

STEM projects challenge you to think outside the box, solve problems and explain your results. The ability to clearly and articulately communicate your ideas is a huge confidence booster for youth. Plus, as the saying goes, knowledge is power! And this leads to more confidence in the long run.

Kids understand the world better

Science, technology, engineering and math is all around us. Spending time learning about the different STEM subjects encourages youth to explore the world around them. STEM opens doors of curiosity to our youth. We’re sure even you said, “But I’ll never use this in real life,” when you were younger. Well, STEM programs will help your child connect learning with the real world and put that phrase to bed for good.

After-school activities help them in school

Is your child struggling in a science or math class? A STEM education program like STEM Scouts is a fun alternative to after-school tutoring. Children will discover the joys of science while simultaneously building on the skills they’re learning in school.

Interested in signing your child up for the STEM Scouts program? Look for a program in your area here.



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