The Benefits of Being a STEM Scouts Chartered Organization

by STEM Scouts

By supporting a STEM Scouts Lab Unit as a Chartered Organization, you do more than just feed the curiosity of future generations. You also fulfill a need in your community, help the local economy and provide one-of-a-kind learning opportunities for the next generation. Sounds too good to be true, right? Here’s what’s happening in Chartered Organizations around the country:

  • Industry-leading companies not only financially support the Lab but also encourage their employees to help. STEM Scouts participants have the opportunity to be mentored by brilliant, real-life professionals.
  • Nonprofits like the Boys and Girls Clubs are partnering with STEM Scouts to fulfill their own mission and to make the lives of young people even brighter by sponsoring Lab Units.
  • Corporations are helping their local economy by providing educational opportunities that will ultimately attract prospective employees and their families.
  • Well-known organizations, such as Oceanspray, are giving back to their community by opening up their facility to the next generation.

If that isn’t enough to get you thinking about sponsoring a Lab Unit, you should know it also benefits your company. Whether you’re a nonprofit or a growing business, by chartering a Lab, you’re inviting future students and employees into your doors—prospects who will surely be at the top of their class because of the educational advantage they’ll receive through STEM Scouts.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what current Chartered Organizations are saying:

“Verso is sponsoring a middle school program which has a maximum of 15 students. More than 40 students signed up for the program! More classes are now being formed to accommodate the overflow of interested students.”

“The NTC Foundation is proud to sponsor the STEM Scouts program for elementary, middle school and high school students on the college campus. . . . The NTC Board of Trustees and the NTC Foundation Board of Directors believe in providing quality education in the heart of Wisconsin to learners of all ages. We support the goals of the STEM Scouts and are proud to be a partner in the endeavor.”

Check out the Verso Corporation and the Northcentral Technical College (NTC) Foundation.

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