STEM Scouts Today. Our Nation’s Change-Makers Tomorrow.

by STEM Scouts

STEM Scouts helps attract and grow youths’ interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, laying the foundation for careers of the future.

Right now, our nation has a critical need for qualified STEM professionals. The U.S. science and technology workforce is expected to top 8.6 million by 2018. When the number of self-employed in STEM fields is included, that projection jumps to 15.7 million. Statistics for U.S. workers forecast a shortfall of as many as three million people in high-skill STEM jobs by 2018.

At some point in their education, millions of boys and girls are losing interest in STEM subjects and aren’t seizing the opportunity to professionally explore their world as adults. As a result, top jobs like web and software developers, accountants, mechanical and civil engineers, and epidemiologists are going unfilled, and will continue to do so.

Enter STEM Scouts, which helps to start boys and girls on the path to fill those jobs, satisfying a big need in our nation’s workforce and helping the U.S. remain innovative and competitive. It’s certainly a bonus that those young adults can ultimately score careers with average salaries of $85,570, nearly double the average of $47,230 for other occupations.

STEM Scouts uses hands-on experiments, mentoring from real STEM professionals, field trips and teamwork to bring STEM learning to a whole new level, beyond anything most young people receive in the classroom. The diverse educational experiences provide new ways to solve problems. Goal-oriented teamwork teaches boys and girls how to work together, building their communication and leadership skills. And, the unparalleled mentoring relationships and research opportunities help youth prepare for their future.

Each of the components of STEM Scouts encourages students’ interests in science, technology, engineering and math—an interest that is sure to have a positive impact on our nation’s workforce, economy and, ultimately, its future.

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