STEM: Shape, Tinker, Explore and Make

by STEM Scouts

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math, right? Well, we think it means so much more. We created a bite-sized interpretation of STEM where STEM stands for shape, tinker, explore and make. We reimagined the acronym with words that emphasize how STEM Scouts learn by shaping their thinking, tinkering with everyday objects, exploring the universe around them and making extraordinary things.

You’ll see “Shape”, “Tinker”, “Explore” and “Make” on STEM Scouts fliers, posters and STEMScouts.org. On our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts, you can see cool videos and thought-provoking photos that relate to each word of our new acronym. Join in on the fun by using the following hashtags on social media.

Through our creative interpretation, STEM Scouts will show you that science, technology, engineering and math can be more fun than you ever imagined.

#Shape – STEM Scouts encourages youth to continually pursue learning. An exceptional education and understanding of science, technology, engineering and math is a powerful asset. Often viewed as the more challenging subjects, youth often shy away from pursuing careers, classes or even hobbies in areas relating to these fields. But not STEM Scouts. On social media we’ll share photos containing quotes from great minds and interesting facts about STEM in an effort to #shape the way you think about the world. Share an interesting fact with us using #STEMScoutsShape.

#Tinker – The beauty of creative thinking and trying a different method to achieve something is that it leads to discovery. When you tinker with something, you’re taking the first step to understanding it. STEM Scouts lets kids tinker with everyday objects to do extraordinary things. We’ll be sharing short videos of experiments on social media with accompanying how-to blog posts. We’ll ensure you’re always on the path to discovery. Show us what you’re tinkering with using #STEMScoutsTinker.

#Explore – Don’t let your education begin and end in the classroom. To truly understand the world, you have to #explore your world. Perhaps that’s by visiting a museum, reading a biography on Albert Einstein or taking apart a computer. Our experiences in life are how we grow and learn. So take charge, chase progress and share it all with us. We’ll share photos and ask questions that will make you take a second look, get you to change your perspective, and hopefully spread your thoughts with others. Tell us how you explore using #STEMScoutsExplore.

#Make – Piece by piece, STEM Scouts build their future—one equation, one experiment, one idea at a time. And when all of the small pieces work together, they can create something wonderful. We’ve illustrated this concept in short, lighthearted stop motion videos of creations assembling, moving and taking on a life of their own. Show us what you’re making using #STEMScoutsMake.

Each week we’ll share a new photo or video, so don’t miss it. Follow us on social to see the new STEM.

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