Marshfield Clinic Charters STEM Scouts Labs to Honor Donna David

by STEM Scouts

The Marshfield Clinic, a health system in northern, central and western Wisconsin, has become a STEM Scouts Chartered Organization for the Samoset Council. The organization has chartered the “Donna E. David Memorial STEM Scout Labs” in honor of the eponymous researcher from the system’s foundation—Marshfield Medical Research Foundation.

Members of the foundation’s staff, as well as many of David’s other associates, volunteer as Lab Leaders in the memorial Labs.

“The 39 students at Marshfield’s Lincoln and Grant Elementary Schools who recently learned how to extract DNA from strawberries never knew Donna David….

After David, a long-time Senior Research Associate at the Marshfield Medical Research Foundation, died, her friends and colleagues looked for a way to honor her memory. The Scout’s STEM program was a perfect fit…

‘It took a lot of time and effort by many of Donna’s friends and colleagues to make this happen,” [Tammy] Koepel said. “It was very much a labor of love. We are all extremely happy that we were able to make this happen for Donna and are grateful to Marshfield Clinic for its support.’”

Marshfield News-Hearld, Carla David, Marshfield Clinic

Read the full article for more of Donna David’s story and the impact that the Chartered Organization is having on these youth.

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