STEM Scouts on Connect & Collaborate: “Teaching Kids STEM Concepts”

by STEM Scouts


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Update: McNabb appeared on Connect & Collaborate again in April 2016, more here.

Courtney McNabb, STEM Scouts Executive of the Denver Area Council, sat down with radio host Tammy Schmidt on the Colorado Business Roundtable’s Connect & Collaborate radio show and podcast as part of its STEM Series. She detailed the program and the importance of STEM education at a young age.

“We cover all the bases. We do forensics science and chemistry mania, we do robotics and we’re really just trying to spark that interest. We want to be the catalyst for STEM across Colorado and really across the nation,” said McNabb in her interview.

“There are a lot of pieces. We need Lab Managers. These don’t have to be STEM professionals, you can have a parent who steps up and says, ‘I’m really invested in my daughter or in my son participating in this program.’ They’re the Lab Manager, they kind of organize and orchestrate the program. The curriculum is there the materials are there.”

“These [Chartered] Organizations sponsor the Labs so it’s really important to us to have a synergistic relationship between STEM businesses, or really all businesses, as well as the STEM students, the teachers, the guidance counselors, the principals…”

“We’ll have a genetisist comes and run the forensics Lab, or we’ll have a physicists come from CU-Boulder and he’ll run the physics Lab so these kids get to see an actual STEM professional and maybe they look up to them,” McNabb continued.

—STEM Executive Courtney McNabb on Colorado Business Roundtable’s Connect and Collaborate

Listen to the full show. You can also find open Labs in Denver or learn how to become a Chartered Organization or volunteer.

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