Chicago Tribune: Hard Work Adds Up as Watson Boys Buck Trend in Gary

by STEM Scouts

STEM Scouts was mentioned in an article from the Chicago Tribune that discussed the recent academic turnaround in an all-boys school in Gary, IN.

“In 2007, 73 percent of the Watson boys didn’t pass the state’s ISTEP exam. In 2011, the first year the state added science to the ISTEP, only 5 percent of Watson boys passed, compared to 69 percent statewide.

Fast forward to Watson in 2016.

In a second floor classroom, young boys are trying on white lab coats with their instructor, Kellauna Mack, who works for the Boy Scouts of America. They also have received goggles and notebooks.

Gary is one of a handful of locations for a program called STEM Scouts, short for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through the support of Cynthia and Maman Powers, the program came to Watson and the McCullough Girls Academy this month. The Boy Scouts started the initiative to encourage students to explore science.

So far, Mack’s students have made their own version of Silly Putty, and they’re making a hydraulic arm, and magnets.”

Chicago Tribune, Carole Carlson

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