STEM Scouts Director and Volunteer on the “K12 Engineering Education” Podcast

by STEM Scouts

Davis Fox, Membership Director of the Boy Scouts of America Capitol Area Council, and Deborah Vasquez, an Austin-area teacher and STEM Scouts volunteer, were recently visited by Pius Wong of The K12 Engineering Education Podcast. Fox and Vasquez discuss the overall structure and goals of the STEM Scouts program and explore how it builds upon the principles established by the Boy Scouts of America.

“We don’t want to kids to think adults always have the answer,”said Fox when asked how the program and its leadership are helping volunteers step up to the subject of science, “There’s nothing wrong with and it’s, in fact, encouraged to say, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘What do you think the answer is? Why do you think that answer is?’” Vasquez continued on this thought from the students perspective saying, “They’re so impressed with their own learning that it becomes an intrinsic way for them to just continue—it ignites that passion in them for learning.”

Listen to the podcast below to hear the two detail the responsibilities of their individual roles, Lab modules, their first-hand experiences with the impact the program has had on students in Austin, Texas, to date and more.


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