Four Youth Who Want to Share Their Love of Science With You

by STEM Scouts

Image Credit: John Kraus,

STEM Scouts is all about creating fun and exciting opportunities for children while piquing their curiosity about science, technology, engineering and math. Our goal is to spark a lifelong love of STEM fields and for our Scouts to share what they’ve learned with others. These four science media makers have taken it upon themselves to share their love for science.

Our program serves youth in grades 3-12, but this aspiring interviewer got a jumpstart on his extracurriculars. At the age of five, Nate started his own podcast—“The Show About Science”—with the help of his dad. Over the course of its 19 episodes, Nate has welcomed experts to discuss everything from physics to fossils.

This young podcaster took a different approach, but shares his love for the subject all the same. Now 10 years old, Aaron has created more than 50 episodes of a science audio-drama that follows one explorer on his journey back to the Mesozoic Era. Since the podcast’s inception four years ago, “Aaron’s World” has won a Parsec Award and featured more than 30 voice actors, including his parents, friends and even pets.

Another 5-year-old opted to go for a more visual medium. Oliver, of “Oliver’s Science Lab,” walks his viewers through how to create a tornado in a jar while explaining the science of the experiment with his big personality along the way.

Two years ago, John Kraus, 14, bought his first DSLR camera. Now at 16 years old, he’s a credentialed photographer for and among the youngest spaceflight photojournalists in the United States. He has captured more than 20 rocket launches and uses long exposure techniques as well as an interesting rig to perfect his photos. You can see his work on, read his Wired interview and follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @johnkrausphotos.

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